Twittens aid Texting 

Twittens are taking off in their second season.

Twittens are gloves with removable index finger and thumb portions so the wearer can easily text, tweet and dial on any mobile device when the weather gets cold.

London entrepreneur Lincoln McCardle invented and patented Twittens last year.


Lincoln McCardle is shown with his Twittens, which make using phones and other electronic devices easier to manage in the cold weather. Some 50,000 pairs will be available for sale this year. (SUE REEVE, The London Free Press) 

Sold as a seasonal item, about 2,000 pairs of Twittens sold out last winter after impressive media exposure.

McCardle said the Belleville glove manufacturer who produces Twittens has geared up to produce at least 50,000 pairs this year.

The number of retailers carrying Twittens has also expanded from 20 to about 100 and includes major retail chains such as Staples, Moores men's wear, Bell Phone Centres and many university and college book stores. Local retailers include Novack's and Stan C. Reade.

"I guess you're going to see a lot more Twittens around this year," said McCardle, a 39-year-old father of two who works at Bell Canada and is also a part-time English major at the University of Western Ontario.

McCardle got the idea for Twittens when he got tired of having to take off his gloves so he could change songs on his iPod while walking to work. He said the beauty of Twittens is flexibility with minimal exposure of fingers to the cold weather.

The suggested retail price of Twittens is $19.95 and they should be hitting the shelves of retailers later this month.

Twittens can also be ordered at website 


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