Texting and Tweeting with Twittens

Greg Gazin - December 22nd, 2011


We can’t seem to keep out hands off our smartphones, but it’s no surprise that it’s tough to answer a call, let alone text and tweet when a slim tuft of leather, wool or polyester stands between your fingers and your touchscreen.

Darned if you’re going to let that call go to voicemail or not see if you can bounce out the other guy and become the mayor of your ski slope.

So, doesn’t it make sense to have a glove that’s designed to keep your fingers warm, but still allow you to easily access your iPhone, Blackberry or smartphone to text and tweet without exposing the epidermis of your hands to the brutal elements?

Lincoln McCardle from London, Ontario, like many other Canadians thought much the same way. He was pretty much sick and tired of freezing his fingers off not only to answer his phone, but to also change the song selection on his iPod.

Eureka Moment

After some serious pondering, he thought, why not create something? After this life altering “eureka” moment and discovering much to his surprise, there was nothing else like this existed, Twittens were conceived.

In early 2010, he partnered with IMPACTOa Canadian company with over 20 years in the manufacturing biz and shortly thereafter the first litter of Twittens were bornThat’s the short version of the story.

So I ordered in a pair in and “taut” I would try to take Twittens to the task.  Like my alliteration?  Strangely enough, it’s been a little too warm in Edmonton to actually wear gloves but I couldn’t bear the thought of having to wait, surfing Canoe Weather (shameless plug), just to see if tomorrow would be the optimal Twitten day.

So I didn’t wait.

I have to admit, they are pretty cool, but they do a good job keeping your hands warm.  Unlike regular gloves or some of the convertible fashionable feminine fingerless kind, Twittens are designed for the mobile warrior – specifically with the texter in mind. They’re made from polar fleece, with a touch of pleather, some “fuzzy stuff” and magic, says McCardle.


The thumb and forefinger portion of the glove have flaps that fold back and secure with Velcro to give the exposed appendages quick & easy access to almost any device.

My phone vibrates, and like Quick Draw McGraw, two fingers on each hand were exposed, the 4S nicely snug in my palm, so it doesn’t fall victim to the pavement.


But alas, I must have jinxed myself, because eventually the forecast was right. The next day, rain turned to snow, that turned to ice. But as every crisis creates an opportunity, out came the Twittens once again and they performed exactly as advertised.

In fact, I also found I could use the glove to actually wipe down my screen (a hidden feature).

There is one little caveat. The elastic hugs your wrists quite nicely, but it’s a magnet for the Velcro tips, so it’s best to keep the fingers open when your Twittens are not in use.

The gloves still performed well, but as they got wet, like everything else did, I found snowflakes accumulating on the screen. It was time to find shelter.

Where to Find Twittens

You can get Twittens in Canada through the Twittens website or at a number of retailers including Staples and Moores. If you are one of our many U.S. readers, you can’t get Twittens, but you can get TwitMitts; same thing, just a different name. Read between the lines.

Twittens retail for $24.95. They come in black and pink, no orange, sorry, and are available in sizes ranging from XXS to XL.

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