twittens to save texters from cold

Well, I woke up early this morning to another pleasant surprise, twittens got a mention today in the local paper - the front page of the London Free Press! You can see the article here ....

Twittens to save texters from cold

(click to visit - I'll add a copy here shortly.)


If for any reason you cannot see it, or the link has died, you can also now download a PDF HERE.

Needless to say I'm delighted - now if only I could get the production line to move as quickly as the publicity machine. Anyway, bear with my my text-addicted and frostbitten friends - I promise to have news and/or actual twittens available for you shortly. Every effort is being made from our end to bring you the best product in the shortest amount of time. We have to get these right - because we care.

More news to follow shortly, I have also taken to posting news and updates on our Facebook or twitter pages - why don't you meet us there as well. (See links in top left hand corner.)

That's all my friends - happy texting and stay warm.

UPDATE: I did about 3 radio interviews for local radio stations here today - as well twittens will be featured on Global News tomorrow (Nov. 12th) and I'll be doing a live radio interview on CBC radio (Toronto) on Monday (Nov. 15th) at 6:15AM (Set your alarms.) The feedback I've been getting is amazing and well, I'm speechless - what a pleasant surprise! All the best.

UPDATED UPDATE: You can now see the Global News story HERE.

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