twittens pre-order now available!

Well, you live and learn. Clearly I had no idea how much people wanted to get their hands on (and in twittens) so quick. Also clear that a lot of you want these under the tree of the text-addicted (or photographer, hunter, fishermen, technician ... etc.) friend or family member for Christmas. So, my manufacturing friends (who are busy making twittens as we speak) have agreed to start taking pre-orders so you will be amongst the first of your friends to have twittens.

Interested? Fill out the form on the top left corner of this page HERE and someone will get back to you to take the order. You can also call (888) 232-0031 (Canada & US) to place your order. 

Just so you know, the first batch of twittens are black only. They will be available in early December and are available in XS, S, M & L sizes. The price is $24.95/pair (or less, depending on the number ordered.) You can also send an email to and include 'twittens' in the subject line.

Not in that big a hurry? You can send and email to and I'll let you know once the on-line store is open. I'm still hopeful that will be early December, shortly after all the pre-orders are sent out. You can also use that address if you have any questions or simply want to chat. Once you have your twittens I'd love to get pictures of them in action, some of which I'll post on the website. 

Well, it's been a busy time but I am listening: those that need them for Christmas will now have a way to do it. The online store here will also open in December for those with a little more patience. Thanks to everyone - this has all been a little overwhelming, but I'm trying to enjoy and all you positive feedback has made it that much easier.

All the best and stay warm!

ps - retail/wholesale/custom/10+ and non-Canadian orders should always go directly to who are better able to quote prices and shipping dates.

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