to 2011 ... and beyond!

Well, I have not posted you a while, which I suppose given the weather as of late makes sense. However, dont think that means that we have not been busy working on twittens, because me and the Impacto have been working hard to ensure that twittens will be in a store near you when the cold weather hits. Of course, you can still get them online at the twittens online store but the idea is also to get them into a store near you – making it extra easy to get your hands on (and in) twittens. Cannot wait until fall? Well, the online store is currently includes FREE shipping - limited time only.

To this end, I recently attended the CGTA show is Mississauga and was astonished and delighted by the response that twittens got. People loved the name, the idea and even the new point-of-purchase display. (See below.) Boy – talking about making my day! Heck, my week! As a result, Im confident that twittens show be available for sale near almost anyone who wants them. Of course, there is only one way to know for sure – go into your local retailer and ask them. You can even give them  this brochure so that they know what exactly twittens are and how to get them.


There is a LOT of big news to come in the following months – so please stay tuned. You can certainly check back here and Ill send out the information as soon as possible – or alternately check out the twittens Facebook page  or even twittens on twitter . In the meantime ... stay cool, enjoy your summer and all the best from the entire twittens team!

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