online shop opening delayed

I had previously stated that the online store would be open mid-December and today I regret having to come back and tell you that it being pushed out until January 2011. It's a unfortunate situation but one that is unavoidable until supply can catch up with demand. The truth is that I could still open the store today, but until I actually have twittens to send out, well ... I just don't see the point. twittens are popular. Very popular. And for that I am extremely grateful.

It would always the intention that the pre-orders would be shipped first and nothing has changed in that regards. What has changed is the sheer volume of twittens that have now been ordered directly from the manufacturer. Which you can of course still do by emailing or calling (888) 232-0031.

Once all these orders have been filled, the online store will open as originally planned - just slightly later than originally planned. Of course, there are a number of retailers who have already pre-ordered their twittens and will be listed HERE as soon as they are shipped. I'm hopeful there will be one near you and apologize if there is not. Hey, ask for them at your favourite store and maybe they'll get some?

Lastly, this will be the final blog post and the blog will be deleted once the online store is open. The reason for the blog was simply to provide updates and once all this dust settles it will have fulfilled its reason for being. If you want to keep up on all the twittens news that is somewhat fit to print, well - you are always welcome to follow us on Facebook and/or twitter.

Well, that's all for now. My apologies once again for the unavoidable delay and happy holidays to all. Stay warm and all the best.

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