Long time ...

... no talk. But please don't take that to mean that nothing has been happening around here. Plenty is happening here at twittens HQ and the truth is that ... well, let's just say we have our twitten-covered hands full.

In fact, it was within the last hour that we completed our first photo shoot. You see, twittens are being covered for a story in business London magazine, which is where we are located. The interview was actually done last week. More to come on that, but what a great way to start a new business! Things are really going well here and lots of news is coming shortly ... I promise. In fact, I was going to commit to being more vigilant here with updates but I think at the way things are going it might be tough to keep me from coming on here and tooting my own horn ... toot, toot!

Okay, maybe that it wording it a little strongly but enthusiasm is running high. If you live here in London (Ontario) keep an eye out for the November issue of the magazine coming to news stands shortly. Otherwise, well check back in here for all the news that is fit to print. And maybe a little that probably isn't but will be anyways. Stay warm my friends and happy texting!

All the best!

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