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twittens - now in pink!


Well, you asked and we listened. While a LARGE percentage of people do prefer the original black twittens, rarely a day goes by when we don’t get an email asking for a different colour. In fact, we have offered the red ‘valentine’s’ twittens since February of this year and at the time of my writing this – there are some still left. However, much like the colour I’m about to mention – once they are gone, they’re gone.


There is little question that the most requested colour is pink – and so, well we know have pink. We have only a limited number of the pink available, which are currently available

the text best thing?


It has been quite a year here at twittens HQ. To think a year ago today there were only a few pairs of twittens in existence - all prototypes. The general idea was that it was too late to put them into production for last year ... and this year would in fact be our first season. As the 1000s of you know who bought twittens last year, things didn't quite work out that way. Due simply to demand the manufacturer (Impacto) worked hard to put these into production and get them out to as many of you as possible. I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to both you and them. The media coverage was incredible, as was all the positive feedback we received - wow, just wow.

to 2011 ... and beyond!


Well, I have not posted you a while, which I suppose given the weather as of late makes sense. However, dont think that means that we have not been busy working on twittens, because me and the Impacto have been working hard to ensure that twittens will be in a store near you when the cold weather hits. Of course, you can still get them online at the twittens online store but the idea is also to get them into a store near you – making it extra easy to get your hands on (and in) twittens. Cannot wait until fall? Well, the online store is currently includes FREE shipping - limited time only.

To this end, I recently attended the CGTA show is Mississauga and was astonished and delighted by the response that twittens got. …

onward & upward


I suppose that the cold weather is (hopefully) almost behind us, but that by no means does that work slows down here at the twittens HQ. In fact, we're working harder then ever to ensure that all of you can get you hands on (and in) twittens as easy as possible. I'm delighted to announce that not only is the twittens online store now open for business but I've just updated the section that let's you know where you can buy twittens at a store near you with a whole bunch of new retailers!

(*WORTH NOTING: twittens currently include FREE shipping - limited time only.)

Clearly the push now is to get twittens stocked at a store near you as soon as possible. …

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