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Lincoln McCardle

the genius in question

Do you sometimes get that textual feeling? Yeah, us too. However, twittens should not be considered solely for the textaholic. Sure, they were created for that reason but are being purchased and used for a variety of reasons. Why do you need twittens? Possible uses include, but are not limited to: cell phones and other mobile devices, photography, handheld video game systems, iGadgets and related touch screen devices, nosepicking, outdoor ATMs, e-Book readers, Braille, outdoor jobs that require handling money or dexterity for other reasons, smoking, panhandlers, portable media players, fishing, hunting ... actually the possible applications are virtually endless!

twittens are the brainchild of Lincoln McCardle. In short, the idea came about in December 2009 when he grew tired of trying to decide whether to continue to protect his hands from the harsh Canadian winter weather or to answer his cell phone, send a text message or maybe even simply change the song on his iPod. There was the 'eureka moment': what he needed was a glove that equipped with flaps that would expose the tips of both the thumb and forefinger, allowing both easy access when required AND much-needed protection from frostbite. (Oh, and look cool too.) An exhaustive search for such a product proved fruitless and he decided right then and there that if this was a product that he desired, certainly there were countless others that felt the same. That is the moment when twittens were born.

It was early in 2010 when a partnership was formed with IMPACTO, a Canadian company with over 20 years of manufacturing experience and shortly thereafter the first twittens were produced. And yes, it has come to light that similar products are available, but we remain confident that twittens are the superior alternative in the three areas that matter most: ćsthetics, functionality and affordability.

So whether they are for yourself or a gift for the technophile in your life, we hope you'll consider buying a pair (or 10) today. Thanks for coming by and all the best. CHEERS!


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twittens is a Canadian trademark of Lincoln McCardle All other brand names & logos are trademarks of their respective owners. Patent pending 2010.